Bio | Mr Anthony Bevan


Mr Anthony Bevan; Clinical Psychologist,
Director of All Senses Health Care Pty Ltd, Adelaide private practice.

Anthony Bevan

Anthony Bevan is an independent private practising Clinical Psychologist (M. Psych. Clin.; M.A.P.S.) who specialises in psycho-neuro-otology. He is a pioneer in this relatively new field with his professional interest spanning more than 25 years.

His Churchill Fellowship in 1988 included investigation of the application of relaxation procedures to the treatment of distressing tinnitus. Recently he has become the first psychologist member of the Neuro-Otology Society of Australia.

As the Director of All Senses Health Care Pty Ltd based in Adelaide, most of his work involves the clinical-health psychology assessment and treatment of patients suffering from dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, disequilibrium, hyperacusis, and head/neck pain. In his clinical practice and teaching Anthony draws upon his extensive training in medical and health sciences (B.Sc.and B.D.S.) and psychoneurophysiology (M.Sc. by research). Within the rapidly advancing field of psychoneurootology he regularly contributes to postgraduate education programs for physiotherapists and audiologists.

As a Clinical Psychologist he liaises closely with other senior specialists in a multidisciplinary team approach to the assessment and treatment of vestibular disorders and associated conditions.

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