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Effects of Footwear on Gait and Balance

Effects of Footwear on Gait and Balance

Summary of a talk given by Matt Neufield, BKin, CPed (C), Manager/Pedorthist, Kintec Footwear + Orthotics, given to the BADD Society at St. Paul’s Hospital on January 21.   When it comes to balance, the feet are the foundation for the body and therefore it is important to give them special attention. There are three […]

Infographic | Feeling Dizzy?

Balance is controlled by the inner ear (vestibular system), the eyes (vision) and sense of touch. Treatment depends on your diagnosis. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. VEDA has combined pictures and words together to create an infographic that explains vestibular disorders in a nutshell. The goal of VEDA’s “Feeling Dizzy?” infographic […]