You are not alone in your struggle with dizziness, vertigo, imbalance, vision problems, brain fog, and the other debilitating symptoms of a vestibular disorder. 

Vertigo and dizziness are the second most common complaint after headache. 

What can be difficult for both a patient and his or her doctor is that the word “dizziness” is a subjective term. This means that the word can be used by people to describe different sensations they are experiencing, but it is hard for anyone but the person experiencing the symptoms to understand or measure the nature or severity of the sensations.

During this year’s Balance Awareness Week, we have an exciting campaign – to help everyone discuss and raise awareness of the issues and challenges people experience with balance (and vestibular disorders)… and then what they have done to overcome them.

Do your best flamingo…

We ask that you share your story about how you rebalanced your life after being diagnosed with a vestibular disorder.

You can share them with us direct – or simply among your friends.

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Our aim is to capture as many experiences into a shareable digital booklet for all. We’d love to hear from you.

Note; Professor Dr Margie H Sharpe is the Director and Principal of the Centre and the pioneer of Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation in Australia. She conducts individual consultations by appointment only and does not consult or answer questions online.