D&BDC Message of Joy

D&BDC Message of Joy

Thank you for your ongoing support during 2019.

The Dizziness Balance Disorders Centre remains at the forefront of treatment, including the use of powerful technology to get accurate, objective assessments of symptoms. This year has been a joy to reach broader audiences through social media avenues on Facebook and LinkedIn, plus the reach which my podcast interview provided with the Dizzy & Vertigo Institute.

It can be a challenge to understand why people suffer from conditions that make it difficult to perform one or more basic activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, or simply getting around inside the home. Balance isn’t easy, and this year’s Balance Awareness Week again brought home the message that not everyone suffers or rehabilitates the same.

It’s a little like Christmas — everyone has their own way of celebrating — or not.

In our world of growing concerns for each other, and as we close out another year, it will be good to reflect how much research has been completed, shared and started — and yet, how much is still to be done.

With 2020 just around the corner, I feel we are at the tipping point and we should be clear about our own directions. It is apparent the level of commitment taking place to raise awareness of the dizzy plight. I am excited for 2020 and all it brings – and welcome your attendance at the new education offerings.

Be clear in 2020.   Peace, joy and goodwill to you all

Professor Margie Sharpe
Dizziness & Balance Disorders Centre