Vestibular Training and Certification Workshop

Vertigo and dizziness are the second most common complaints after headache. They are not disease entities, rather unspecific syndromes consisting of various disorders with different causes.

Did you know, forty percent of adults will experience significant dizziness at some time in their lives, and that nearly one in four emergency room visits includes a complaint of dizziness?

However, even with this level of complaint, dizziness remains a perplexing problem for most clinicians as it can be a symptom of disease in almost any organ system of the human body.

The constellation of symptoms presented by patients with dizziness can be difficult to diagnose. Furthermore, the same disorder may present differently, depending on the patient’s personality and his or her response to disease, lifestyle and age.

Understanding how to diagnose the aetiology of dizziness and implementing appropriate treatment is a skill that will benefit the clinician who encounters patients complaining of vertigo and dizziness or disequilibrium.

Are you a clinician practising or wanting to practise VRT?  

This course is tailored specifically for you practising in the Australian health care system. Australian physiotherapists are primary care practitioners who do not require a medical referral in most cases. This means we may make a differential diagnosis, accepting major responsibility.

“A course here in Australia which is equivalent to those on the world stage. Not only theoretical but practical, with tips and tricks that you wouldn’t get anywhere else to make things easier to implement in day to day practice” ~Amy Lennox