Global learning experiences

Every other year Professor Sharpe travels overseas to Barany.

However, there have been many other conferences, seminars and gatherings of which she has attended as an invited guest or participant. For example, the French Society of Vestibular Physiotherapy (SFKV) is a scientific society that is currently predominantly made up of physiotherapists who specialise in the rehabilitation of people experiencing neurosensory balance disorders and dizziness.

So, as the images show, from dinner at The Hague in Amsterdam with Frank and PollyAnne for the Vestibular master class in 2016, to SFKV in 2015 and the Barany Meeting 2016 in Seoul, remaining at the forefront of your specialised field takes time, effort, dedication, and passion.

It’s worth it for our personal development ie to immerse ourselves into other cultures, however most importantly we get to meet and be experts and influencers in our field, we learn and develop new knowledge and finally, gain new perspectives.

We encourage you to consider Adelaide, South Australia a destination of choice when courses are offered here. They are all great experiences. The 2020 Barany meeting will be held in Madrid Spain.