Infographic | Feeling Dizzy?

Balance is controlled by the inner ear (vestibular system), the eyes (vision) and sense of touch.

Treatment depends on your diagnosis.

Feeling Dizzy Infographic

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. VEDA has combined pictures and words together to create an infographic that explains vestibular disorders in a nutshell.

The goal of VEDA’s “Feeling Dizzy?” infographic is to raise awareness among people who may be experiencing vestibular symptoms but have not yet been diagnosed and may not know that there is treatment and support that could help them learn to cope with their condition.

*Special thanks to Cindy Price for donating her time and talents to designing this infographic. Cindy is a vestibular patient who has suffered from superior canal dehiscence and perilymph fistula, and continues to struggle with many additional vestibular symptoms. You can learn more about Cindy’s journey by watching this video.


What should you do next? The Dizziness & Balance Disorders Centre is dedicated to patients who do have or think they have vertigo, dizziness and unsteadiness. Professor Dr Margie H Sharpe is the Director and Principal of the Centre and the pioneer of Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation in Australia.

Note: Prof Dr Margie H Sharpe conducts individual consultations by appointment only.