mdDS people out and about – meet Polly Moyer

This photo was taken at the Cambridge Rare Diseases Network Summit in October.

Second from the right is Polly Moyer, one of the co-founders/co-facilitators of Action for MdDS UK.

Their website:

Polly helps to facilitate the UK Facebook group.

She is pictured here with Steph (her co-founder/facilitator), Professor Floris Wuyts (second from left) and Darius Rejali, an ENT (far right).

Polly’s two main areas of interest concerning MdDS are the genetic component as epilepsy, and migraines run in her family (mostly in the female line) and, secondly, finding new treatments for people who don’t benefit from the opto protocol. Polly says she can switch off the rocking symptoms of MdDS by using a TENs machine.

Professor Floris Wuyts is of course the co-author of the book “Dizzy-Me(this link takes you to more information about the book)