MindMaze: A Virtual Reality Device That Interfaces With Your Brain

MindMaze technology explores the potential of brain machine interfacing with virtual reality, and it just got a huge financial boost. It is led by Dr. Tej Tadi–a doctor who specializes in neuroscience–who is focusing combining virtual reality and motion capture with brain machine interfacing in order to help patients recover form traumatic events.

Dr. Tadi explains in the article MindMaze: A Virtual Reality Device That Interfaces With Your Brain,If I have movement data, muscle data, brain data, I can weigh for information, so I know that you’re going to move your hand, I can predict it from this, but I can also predict it from your muscle activity, and I can confirm it with my motion capture camera that you are moving the hand.”

Professor Dr Margie H Sharpe says,

“I was excited to read such a device is being developed by Dr Tej Tadi, a doctor with over 10 years of specialization in the neuroscience field.

As a clinical scientist I have so often said,

If only we could talk to the brains of our patients with movement disorders caused by disease (e.g. Stroke, Parkinson’s disease) and trauma (e.g. acquired head trauma, concussion) it would enhance our clinical practice.”


Through Dr. Tadi’s research, he has built a strong multi-disciplinary base spanning computer science, systems biology, neuroimaging, and computational and cognitive neuroscience. He founded MindMaze in 2011 to design and develop novel applications in Neuro-Rehabilitation, Game training and Interfaces.

The technology platform from MindMaze will help in the neurology, psychiatry and sports rehabilitation.

Of the latest funding announced, MindMaze has said, “We look forward to continuing our work and pursuing our vision of creating better technological experiences that will change the way people heal, recover and experience human-machine connections.”

One to watch.

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