Break the Sound Barrier Election Campaign


Whirled Foundation’s new campaign
called “Break the Sound Barrier”

is set to make hearing health
one of Australia’s
national health priorities.

It is bringing everyone together to make sure hearing health and well-being receives the attention and funding it deserves in our national health budget, and this is a campaign Professor Dr Margie H Sharpe fully supports and is proud and excited to be a part of.

What is the campaign aiming to achieve?

This Federal election, we are asking politicians and candidates to commit to the Whirled Foundation’s six-point plan. Click here to read more about the six point action plan.

Please sign up to be a part of it at and like the new campaign Facebook page


Don’t forget to share it with your friends, family and colleagues as well.

By signing up to the campaign you will receive news, campaign updates and more information about how you can be involved in campaign activities. It’s also a way of showing your support.

This election we’ll be working together to make sure all our politicians are listening.

Thank you.


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