Such changing times.

We hope everyone is making the necessary adjustments that COVID-19 has thrust upon us. It has certainly been at the forefront of our minds from the start. We immediately implemented all the appropriate health actions as directed by WHO, the SA Health Communicable Disease Control Branch, and Federal government Health Department directives, as any medical practice would.

Managing your dizziness and balance concerns makes life that one extra step more challenging though – so we are here for you. It’s at these times of stress when we may feel the most vulnerable.

While some Doctors are turning to Telehealth as a solution for patient diagnosis, that’s a little like asking a surgeon to operate through Telehealth for us. Therefore, we are exploring ways we can manage you, our patients in the best and most convenient ways possible.

Rest assured, we are also working with knowledge from our industry bodies to look at ways in which we can best serve your ongoing diagnosis and rehabilitation needs.

Consultations remain open, however we respectfully ask that you refrain from attending any appointments if you are in self isolation, or if you have any flu or respiratory symptoms.

Please call ahead if you need to discuss the best ways forward for your treatment under these circumstances, so that we can work with you to ensure your vestibular condition does not worsen under stress.

On a personal note, all travel has ceased due to announcements today. Regional, interstate and international interactions are also on hold due to necessary precautions as much as Government directives.

Tackling education offerings through the use of online sessions was already being explored and more will be announced in this space very soon.

Stay well.