The Société Française d’ORL enjoys a growing number of physiotherapist attendees

The Soci’t’ Française d’ORL (French Society of ORL and Surgery of the Face and Neck) hosted the IFOS ENT World Congress in Paris, June 2017.


IFOS is the International Federation of Oto – Rhino – Laryngological Societies and was founded in 1965 to provide continuity between World Congresses.

It has evolved to deal on a global basis with the problems of people with ORL disease by means of an active secretariat and committee lobbying the World Health Organisation, a leader in the global programme for hearing loss and prevention, providing interchange between centers worldwide.

It is also involved in medical education and the development of medical undergraduate curricula.


The Soci’t’ Française d’ORL (French Society of ORL and Surgery of the Face and Neck) is a well-known society being more than a hundred years old.

The society welcomes more than 2,600 members, including more than 700 foreign correspondent members.

Its purpose is the scientific development of the specialty and contributes in this capacity to the organisation of the largest French and Francophone ENT event by the National Congress.

The scientific level and the quality of the exhibition of this Congress make it the unavoidable scientific manifestation of our specialty and allow to make known scientific and technological development as a continuous progress. It also represents and defends the interests of the specialty through the preparation of recommendations, annual thematic reports, and participation in continuing education activities.

Over 8000 people attended this particular International Congress held in Paris, June 2017.

Prof. Dr Margie Sharpe was the only Australian Consultant Vestibular Physiotherapist to attend the International conference and noted a growing number of physiotherapists specialising in evaluation and treatment of patients with Vestibular disorders attending this meeting.

The Conference thanked Margie by saying,

The Organizing and Scientific Committees were deeply honored to welcome Prof. Dr Margie Sharpe to the Annual Conference of the Societe Francaise ENT to share the scientific content throughout those few days.

Prof. Dr Margie Sharpe has captured her personal highlights for you below,

  • The Paediatric Symposium: in particular the role of the vestibular system in the developing child and its deleterious effects in babies and children when it is impaired, including balance control in children.
  • Latest developments in the management of Vestibular migraine and Meniere’s disease
  • Advanced diagnosis and management of BPPV
  • The effects of microgravity on the human vestibular system and the relevance of this to vestibular adaptation/compensation in patients with vestibular dysfunction.
  • New developments in equilibrium testing.
  • Current strategies for vestibular rehabilitation of chronic vestibular dysfunction.
  • Issues using the video Head Impulse Test (HIMPS) to test semicircular canal function and the new Suppression Head Impulse Test (SHIMPS).
  • How astronauts can guide (us) to look into the brain of dizzy (vestibular) patients.
  • Translating “bench to bedside”: An update on vestibular physiology and pathophysiology.
  • Vestibular contribution to space perception.

The next IFOS ENT World Congress will be held in Vancouver Canada in 2021.