Neuro-otological Society of Australia | 24th Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting

Between 8-10 August 2014, Prof Margie joined colleagues at the Neuro-otological Society of Australia (NOTSA) 24th Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting held at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, to hear the latest research findings in vestibular science and their clinical application to patients with vestibular disorders.

The papers are wide ranging with a focus on the vestibular system.

Professor Dominic Straumann, neurologist from Zurich in Switzerland, was the invited speaker who presented several papers covering the neurophysiology of acute vertigo and laboratory testing and a ten-minute bedside assessment of the dizzy patient.

Prof Margie says, “This meeting is an excellent forum for clinicians who wish to dedicate their careers in Vestibular disorders (Neuro-otology) whether as an audiologist, physiotherapist, neurologist, geriatrician, rehabilitation specialist, psychologist or occupational therapist.”

Stimulating papers presented:

  1. Tracking vestibular compensation which is very important to the clinician in particular those involved in rehabilitation of the dizzy patient
  2. The new Video Head Impulse Test developed in Australia by Professors Curthoys and Halmagyi and their team of engineers, research scientists and clinicians at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and University of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia discussed the sensitivity and specificity of this test
  3. A seven year study using the Omniax to treat patients with Benign Paroxysmal Positioning Vertigo
  4. Vestibular migraine, Gentamicin vestibulotoxicity, and which ear to implant in bilateral Meniere’s disease.

Prof Margie says, “Given those attending are from Australia, New Zealand, Japan and various countries in the northern hemisphere, this meeting provides opportunity for cross fertilisation and informal discussions. It is the only meeting I attend in Australia that meets my needs as a vestibular physiotherapist. I always learn something new and leave energised looking forward to the next meeting. I have been a member since 1994 and watched the number of attendees grow over time. The Teaching Day is extremely valuable for everyone.”