WEBCAST Review | Investigating Mal de Débarquement Syndrome

Polly Moyer has reviewed Vivi’s webinar about MdDS for us…

“This webinar gives an excellent overview of Mal de Débarquement Syndrome (MdDS) and will appeal to experts and those who are new to this topic. I enjoyed the emphasis on multidisciplinary approaches to MdDS because there are so many different factors that can have an impact on symptom levels. There is no ‘one size fits all’ treatment protocol and input from a variety of specialists will help narrow down what’s likely to help each person with MdDS.

Discussion about the ‘knowledge gap’ was also welcome, especially because we know that what is learnt about rare conditions like MdDS can add to the knowledge about more common conditions. I hope many patients and clinicians will be able to access this webinar and/or future training/information events about MdDS.”

Polly Moyer is one of the co-founders/co-facilitators of Action for MdDS UK.

Their website: actionformdds.org.uk/


Title: Investigating Mal de Débarquement Syndrome: diagnostic criteria, co-morbidities, treatment outcomes, patient management, what remains to be addressed and tips for patients

Imagine disembarking from a ship or a train and feeling that you are still in motion, even though the motion has stopped.  Many of us have experienced this sensation at least once in our lifetime and it usually resolves within a few hours. Now, imagine having to live with these feelings of constant instability for the rest of your life. This is what happens to patients suffering from Mal de Débarquement Syndrome (MdDS). MdDS is a complex neurological disorder where the perception of self-motion is accompanied by additional symptoms such as light sensitivities and fatigue. MdDS can develop as a result of disembarking from a vehicle (in most cases), but in some cases the same symptoms can develop spontaneously or without a clear trigger. The difficulties in recognizing this disorder result in a significant socio-economic burden for both patients and the healthcare system. As a result, treatments are limited. This webinar aims to provide an overview of MdDS, including diagnostic criteria, co-morbidities, recent studies and potential treatments to ease MdDS symptoms. Secondly, the webinar will offer an overview of patient tips collected over the years with the aim to provide some advice for MdDS patients.

Duration: 30 minutes
Speaker: Viviana Mucci, Postdoc, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland,